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Kitchen Styles

Explore the Variety of Kitchen Designs and Styles

Kitchens, despite all serving the same function for every household, have a huge variety in styles, design and layout. All of which you can personalise to fit your aesthetic, house and requirements for a kitchen. Explore the different kitchen styles with us here.

The Main Kitchen Design Styles

Kitchen designs can split into three main different styles. A lot of companies have their own name or range for each style, but they still match the general style profile. So, what are the three styles?


A very clean-cut kitchen design, where even handles have been removed or replaced with subtle grooves.


A combination of Traditional and Modern. Shaker units have a simplified version of the traditional cabinet, with a flat centre and square, raised edges, with minimal details.


The classic kitchen look, with detailed wooden doors, and a range of cabinets, sometimes with glass panelled doors.

While these are the three main brackets for kitchen styles, you can personalise each one. From colour to storage solutions, you really can make your kitchen in any way you like, even mix and match some elements of these styles if you’d like. Read on for more information on each style, and your personalisation options.

Kitchens - The Heart of the Home

Kitchens are often referred to as the beating heart of a home. This is where you come together as a family and enjoy home-cooked meals, or where you can experiment and cook exciting new dishes to enjoy with friends. Because of this, your kitchen should reflect your personality and your requirements. 


There are quite a lot of options out there for kitchens now, which means personalising your kitchen to fit your aesthetic, home and personality is much easier. You can choose to form a range of cabinet doors, different handles, lots of colours. Your worktop can be almost anything, and your splashback can be as simple or as bright and patterned as you want. You can contrast colours, or be as colourful as you want. You can have simpler, clean-cut kitchen units, with bright, colourful patterned splashback tiles, to add a sort of feature wall. You can have a really simple dark or light kitchen, which lets you focus on the stunning garden or view outside. 

The opportunities are endless.

While the look of your kitchen is important, you should also think about functionality. Maybe you do a lot of baking and home cooking, meaning you want good storage space for all your extra gadgets and mixers. Maybe you want them on display in open shelving which has become increasingly popular. Do you have a lot of spices and utensils taking up valuable counter space? Maybe you could get a shallow drawer for you to store your herbs and spices, or a fun storage accessory in a cupboard making it easy to see them all. 


Overall your kitchen is, well, your kitchen. You can use it however you please and have it as busy or clean-cut as you’d like it. Your kitchen should look fantastic and be functional for the people using it. Here at Kitchen 24, we can help to offer solutions to storage problems or any other ideas you might have, and we can find the best fit for you.

The Modern Styles

The Modern Kitchen style actually dates back to around World War I. Kitchens started to become made of flat surfaces, losing the small details and intricacies on doors. This would have been a huge change then when most kitchens would likely have been still in a traditional style. Modern Kitchens have evolved over the years, and are now very popular. They are flat, often with the push to open doors, removing handles, and pairing the overall look back even further. These kitchens are sleek and elegant, and generally don’t fit too well with clutter and décor in the kitchen

space. The Modern Style is designed to make your kitchen look and feel fresh, and effortlessly clean. Most modern Kitchens will have ample room for storage to remove items from the countertops, and some even have appliances, such as a kettle and toaster, hidden away on a counter behind a cabinet door. Modern Kitchens fit well in homes that value clean, minimalist spaces. They work well in light, airy spaces, or smaller kitchens too. If you like the modern kitchen design, then it will work in your home, as it will fit your aesthetic.

The Shaker Kitchen Style

The Shaker Kitchen Style has been around for roughly 150 years. This style is increasingly popular and fits perfectly in pretty much any home. The signature look for this kitchen is the recessed front panel, and the raised frame for the cabinet doors, which is referred to as a “Rail and Stile” by kitchen designers. This simple design, allows the wood to show its natural beauty and shows the simple yet expert craftsmanship on the cabinet door. Shaker Kitchens are popular now, as they can look pretty modern, depending on the colours you choose. This Kitchen allows for décor and clutter to

happen in a kitchen, (which always seems to happen, no matter how much time you spend cleaning). This allows for open shelving which is also increasing in popularity. The Shaker kitchen fits perfectly in a coastal home, or cosy country cottage, as this kitchen brings a feeling of relaxation. This is likely down to the original inspiration for the kitchen which is Nature. Natural wood surfaces fit wonderfully in this kitchen too, so if you have your heart set on a stunning wooden dining table, or worktop, then this could be the best option for you.

Traditional Kitchen Design

The Traditional Kitchen is a classic. It comes with a sophisticated and elegant feel. These kitchens are classically made with natural wood doors. These doors and cabinets are intricate and detailed with carved trims, glass door inserts, or wooden embellishments. These kitchens are fancy. Often hinges or antique brass hardware is left on show, although in most versions of this kitchen now, they are hidden. The natural wood cabinets are generally treated with wood stains

or paints, to enrichen the colours and texture of the wood. The countertops were traditionally natural stone, in keeping with the sophisticated feel but also natural elements that make up this kitchen. Traditional Kitchens are generally considered quite formal, with formal lighting and seating fitting in perfectly. If you enjoy hosting dinner parties or want an elegant, sophisticated kitchen then this will be perfect for you.

Your Kitchen, How you Want it

From the three main styles of kitchen, you can branch off into other sub-styles. For instance, the Industrial style is quite popular currently. You could adapt the Shaker or Modern style to become an industrial style, simply by opting for certain colours, décor and accessories. The opportunities for personalisation are endless for your kitchen.




Just as with every room in your house you can paint the walls whatever colour you want. This also applies to your kitchen. You can get a wide variety of colours for your kitchen, from cabinets to appliances such as cookers and fridges. Colour can make a room brighter, and feel airy. You can add splashes of colour to different elements of your kitchen if you want a bright colourful space, or you can stick with neutral tones, for a classic kitchen feel.



The Splashback in your kitchen can be just as personalised as any other part. You can now get copper splashbacks or beautifully patterned and colourful tiles, which can add a sort of feature wall to the room. 


Endless Opportunities 


A kitchen’s main feature is the cabinets and cupboards, however, every little aspect of your kitchen can be picked out to be the perfect choice for your aesthetic. From handles to Taps, you can personalise pretty much every single part of your kitchen and tailor it to your style, home and requirements for the kitchen.

The Process for your Kitchen Remodel

No matter the style you opt for, the general process of your kitchen work will be the same. After you contact us with your enquiry, we will complete the process as follows.



Once we receive your contact form, we will get in touch with you to arrange a suitable time to have an initial consultation. In this meeting, we will aim to answer any of your questions about the kitchen, fitting, styles or process you may have. We will also discuss with you what you would like for the kitchen remodel such as style or colours. If you aren’t sure, we can offer suggestions.



During this meeting, we will build up an idea of what the kitchen could look like within the space. We will do this with you and can implement any ideas you may have. We aim to come to a final idea during this stage, however, there is no pressure for you to make a decision straight away. We can have several Survey meetings and can leave you to think over the ideas in your own time. Once we have a final idea, we can progress and will send you an itemised bill. Changes can still be made.



Our trusted, expert teams will come and install your kitchen. Once all the parts are available, we will arrange a time that is suitable for you, for the work to begin. The project will be well managed and organised by our teams.


Customer Sign Off

Once the kitchen fitting has been completed and the team and the customer is happy with the outcome, the customer signs off on the project.


After Service

We offer an After Service. This is where you can contact us with any issues in your new kitchen, and we will come and fix the issue. While installing, our team also conducts quality control, to make sure all the pieces work and look as they should. However sometimes, once a kitchen starts getting used as a kitchen you may find some issues, which we will happily resolve.

Overall the process is relatively straightforward. It can be completed relatively quickly if you know what you want, and it can be drawn out if you need time to deliberate and decide. We are happy to work with any client, on any project. Just get in touch with us now, and start the process to get a new kitchen with Kitchen 24.

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