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If you’re thinking about reinventing your home with a new kitchen, you can find all the ideas and inspiration you need right here with us. There are a few things to consider when designing your kitchen but we’ve got the info to help you on your kitchen journey.

Get your Dream Kitchen

Save yourself the hassle of looking around for your ideal kitchen. At Kitchens 24 we have a catalogue of different styles and designs to get you inspired and inform you on what you need to know. 

Find out about the range of different kitchens out there and what will be most feasible for you and your ideal kitchen design.

Design and Installation for Kitchens

Depending on the design, your kitchen installation process could look many different ways. We have a range of materials on our site that will give you some insight into the kitchen process.  


Things to consider: 


Maintenance – How often do you want to have to clean your kitchen? Your choice of materials could affect how much care you have to give everything when going about your routine. Getting cream-coloured appliances, for example, means extra care when cooking.  


Space – Can all of the units and appliances you’re after fit neatly into one kitchen? You don’t want to be tripping over things when trying to get from A to B!

Design – You want your kitchen to work for you as well as being aesthetically pleasing. For example, will that worktop give you the required space to prep veg and also complement the rest of your kitchen?

Kitchen Units

There’s a lot of different cabinet options out there and it can be hard to pick the right ones. Not only do you want to be considering what will go well but also what your budget is and what you can afford. It’s no use crafting the ideal kitchen design if you can’t afford it. 


Think about how your new kitchen can best meet your needs. If there’s lots of people in your household, a large island can be a great addition. 


What are my cabinet options?


MFC – MFC, or Melamine Faced Chipboard, is a great unit choice for kitchens. It is wood based and has a plastic finish. It is resistant to water and won’t be deformed by getting wet. It’s also scratch-resistant and won’t get damaged by pots and pans getting stored away. It’s also very easy to clean. 







MDF – Medium Density Fibreboard is another option people go for. It’s made of a more dense material than MFC. MDF has a very smooth texture and is often preferred by installers because it’s easier to cut and shape. It’s also very water resistant, however, there is a chance that if it gets clogged up, the glue holding the boards together can blow out. 



Real woodWe wouldn’t recommend using solid timber in single planks for cabinets. The timber can warp over time and can be easily scratched by pots and pans being taken in and out. Instead, using multi-stave boards for your cabinets means that you’ll prevent flexing as the boards are made up of lots of narrow staves, all joined together. This real wood cabinet can also be sanded down at the very end, so the construction process doesn’t have to be completely neat and tidy.



Plywood – This is a high quality sheet material and made up of layers of hardwood. It’s very robust and can be quite heavy. Options for the facing tend to be oak or birch. If you’re concerned about damp, make sure you specifically get moisture resistant ply. 


There are a few different options when it comes to kitchen appliances. Opting for a form of built-in appliance, such as integrated, is going to create a lot of space in your kitchen. Your options are:



Free standing appliances 

You might opt for having some appliances stand on their own outside of your kitchen units. 



Built in appliances

These are installed in your kitchen cabinet or within the work surface. This can include: ovens, microwaves, hobs.



Integrated appliances 

These appliances can be installed in a kitchen cabinet or under a worktop. They’re fully hidden behind a door panel that matches your cabinets. This can include: washing machines, dishwashers, fridges.



Built under appliances 

This is an appliance that is installed under your kitchen worktop and is part of a kitchen unit. These usually include ovens and dishwashers.


You want to get furniture that will match your kitchen. Perhaps you’re into bar stools that can sit at the worktop. Do they complement the rest of the design? 

You’ll also want to think about the main purposes of your kitchen. Who are you going to be entertaining? Does this mean getting a table or sofa? Accessibility becomes a huge factor here. Kitchens can become nightmares to be in when you always find yourself colliding with the cupboard when you want to leave your bar stool. Once again, make sure you have space for everything!

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Looking to tidy up your existing kitchen a little bit? Check out our top tips for making use of the storage space in your kitchen.

It’s easy for the kitchen to get cluttered. With wide, expansive worktops, stuff tends to just get dumped and left. But, maybe you’d like to have a clearer kitchen space. Well, we’ve got some neat storage ideas you can start using to give yourself some breathing space when cooking in the kitchen. 


Store your crockery and glassware near the sink so you can save the trip around the kitchen when putting dishes away. This will make it a much quicker process. 


Feel like you don’t even have space to chop vegetables? You could get a chopping board that fits your sink. That way, you have another space for chopping when all others are full up. 


You can also make use of the wall space in your kitchen by installing hooks and racks for cups or saucepans to hang on.