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Kitchen Inspiration | Kitchen Ideas from Kitchens 24

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Not sure where to start with your kitchen design? Have no fear, here at Kitchens 24, we’ve got a range of different kitchen ideas for you to check out and get inspired. 


Nowadays, kitchens are turning more into social spaces, so you want to design a room that people can enjoy being in, as well as being practical for all your kitchen uses. 


Whether you just want to replace some cupboards or are planning something brand new, you’ll find something for your kitchen inspiration here.


Keep in mind, not all of these designs are about a complete renovation of your kitchen and some can be done in a cost-effective manner. We understand that changing your kitchen can be a big, expensive deal. But, you can start by just changing the wallpaper or repainting the units. Get creative!

A Curve-filled Kitchen Design

If you’re after a contemporary kitchen style, a curved design might be for you. This is a kitchen full of round shapes, with few hard edges. 


Starting off with the curved units, there are all sorts available in various sizes. Curved cabinets are a good idea if you have pets or small children, as you can reduce the risk of collision and injury. 


For a very modern look, you can clad your kitchen island, or peninsula if you have a smaller space, with half round dowels, achieving a rippled effect. Or perhaps something like an ‘S’ shaped island would be the perfect addition to your kitchen.  


Over at the sink, you can maintain the round kitchen style with a curved tap, which will also add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. You can balance your stylish tap off with some of these sink ideas.


For lights, why not try some low hanging ones, complete with dome shaped shades.


If you’re more on the minimalist side, open shelving is also a great addition to this style. You can even line them with stylish cookware to show off to your guests.

For furniture, adding some bistro tables and something like a banquette can give your kitchen a cafe feel, great for socialising in. 


A Practical Kitchen

We’ve spoken about how kitchens are becoming more social but they’re also becoming spaces for you to work in. With more people working from home nowadays, the kitchen sometimes becomes the new office.  


If you want to bring out the practicality in your kitchen, give some of these ideas a try.


First off, in terms of furniture, you can make your seating areas integrated into the kitchen. Having bar stools that fit under the breakfast bar is a start. You might also want to consider installing a banquette along the back of your island, or, better still, have an island that curves into a booth. 


Your breakfast bar can become a workstation, use this space to have the laptop on, the papers and notepads. Perhaps you want an island with storage capabilities for all your stationery and work papers. 


Next you can organise your kitchen into different zones. For example, a space for the fridge, and food storage, then elsewhere is dedicated to food preparation, then cooking, then cleaning etc. So you might have a worktop that has herbs, cooking utensils and appliances along the wall.

Contrasting Tones

Perhaps you’re interested in defining your kitchen with two distinct tones. This is becoming a popular choice for many homeowners. You can have your wall cabinets a different colour from your floor ones; one more vibrant, the other more subtle.  

You can continue this concept for your interior units too. The inside of drawers can contrast with their exterior. 

This design allows you to mark your kitchen with an interesting aesthetic and really make it your own.

Eco-friendly Kitchen

Reducing our carbon footprint is a concern we have in society today, and it turns out we can start in our kitchen. 


We can first look into how the products we’re buying are being made and delivered. 


You can get furniture which is completely made of recycled material. A great option for this is laminate units which can have metal or timber effect to them. Turning to second generation materials is a great move for practising a sustainable way of designing your home. 


Moreover, instead of completely replacing units like cabinets, you can always just reface them. This allows you to customise your cabinets to your new style, whilst only using one tree’s worth of wood. This will also make your existing cabinets more robust and resilient. 


Getting an induction hob will reduce the amount of energy you use. They’re also quick to heat up and cool down. You’ll need to get stainless steel pots and pans that are compatible though, as induction hobs work through electromagnetism so your pots need a magnetic base. 

We’ll talk more about things like Smart lighting further down but you can also install a dimmer switch into your kitchen. This way you can lower the brightness in the room when it is lighter outside and save energy.

Decorated Splashback

It may seem surprising but the design of a splashback can be your signature mark on your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Use it to continue your set kitchen colour scheme and tone, or have an art piece that really defines your personality.   


As splashbacks aren’t for the main worktop, this allows you to get creative. You can go for marble or slab, which is a great way to control the colour scheme of the kitchen and softly reflect more light into the room.

Sculptural Lights

What can you do with your kitchen lighting? One idea is sculptural lights. These lights can be the perfect combination between showy art and kitchen design. Examples are spherical, coned, and even ring lights. 


Pendant lights are a popular choice. You can be quite daring with them, installing a few at the same height above a kitchen worktop. They remain practical but aesthetically pleasing. 


Chandeliers are also coming back into fashion, as society adopts a nostalgic gaze. Chandeliers with candle bulbs will suit the desire for more vintage designs.

Combined Kitchen

Thought about merging your kitchen, living room and dining area into one space in your home? You might be onto something. This is referred to as an open-plan space. However, by finding ways to separate each zone into its own space, you can achieve what is called broken plan living. 


You can get creative with this. The arrangement of furniture can mark the outline of the living room, a breakfast bar can indicate the beginning of the kitchen etc. With this strategy, you can keep a feeling of togetherness in your home, as everyone is still able to be near each other and socialise, whilst also distinguishing the uses for each area. 

Go Green?

No, we’re not repeating ourselves on the eco-friendly inspiration, this time we mean the colour. Green has been the colour of the year. If you’re after a more traditional kitchen look, darker tones like forest green are going to greatly contribute to your classical design. Whereas, more subtle tones like sage green are going to fit your contemporary kitchen perfectly. 


Green also has some great uses as a colour. It can bring your home closer to nature and give it a more refreshing design. This simple addition can create a positive impact on your mental wellbeing.   


Green is being viewed by some as a new neutral since it works in so many different home settings. Dark green base cabinets can help ground a larger kitchen and alternatively can make small kitchens feel more spacious when combined with ivory or bleached wood wall cabinets. 


For a contemporary atmosphere, you can complete this look with bronze or copper elements. If you’re keeping indoor plants, these elements will complement the decor you’ve created with them. Moreover, natural textiles like wood flooring will complete the look.

Wooden Units

Kitchen units made from real wood are becoming more and more popular. For a peaceful atmosphere, we recommend solid oak. Hardwood is great because it is easy to shape and hand paint. The other avenue with hardwood is staining. With this, you get the best of both worlds, enjoying the natural wood grain, whilst also customising your kitchen with a unique colour. With stained wood, you’ll add a rich texture to your kitchen. 


Or, perhaps you want to make use of reclaimed wood. This is any wood that has been previously used for something else, repurposed for your kitchen. This is an environmentally friendly option and reduces the need for newly-sourced lumber, which helps fight against deforestation. Often coming from old-growth trees, reclaimed wood tends to be stronger than virgin wood. It is best to check your reclaimed wood for pests or hidden nails before buying, however. A great combination for this wood would be with a marble or stone worktop. This would give your kitchen an interesting, rustic look that tells a story personal to you.

Dark Surfaces

Dark shades are another popular option for kitchen surfaces right now. Perhaps you want to use the dark tone as a contrast for your lighter cabinets or complement units of a similar, dark tone. With two-tone kitchens becoming more ubiquitous, dark surfaces have started to appear more often. 


Black and dark grey shades are great for worktops and floors. They can make you feel very welcomed, particularly when mixed with textured woods. This will create a homely feel overall, making guests want to remain in your kitchen.  


As new trends come in and old fade away, dark tones will maintain a timeless quality. Given that the fixtures in your kitchen will be around for a while, such as tiles or flooring, this is going to be a great benefit.  


Funnily enough, there was a time when black was considered a brave choice that many turned their nose up to. Nowadays, it has a sense of class to it and can really aid in making a kitchen’s design pop.

Marble-centred Kitchen

The sheek and stylish kitchen often comes with marble. If you want a design that says luxury this is the one to go with. 


However, if you’re after the marble aesthetic but don’t want to have to deal with the extra maintenance that comes with it, we recommend quartz for your worktops. You’ll find quartz will be more durable, as it doesn’t scratch like marble does and won’t absorb moisture or liquids. 


In fact, we’re now seeing laminate be used to mimic the marble look too! 


When it comes to the specific marble look, larger veining, as in the zig-zagging lines that cut across the material, is more popular for open spaces because it emphasises the expansiveness. For more compact kitchens, smaller veining is better as it better showcases the intricacies of the design. 


When it comes to taps and sinks, marble goes well with gold finishes, or dark colours like navy or charcoal. Combine this with textured woods for the complete luxurious package.

Neutral Kitchen

Want a calmer look for your kitchen? Consider neutral colour combinations like white and ivory or taupe and grey. For an even more serene and warm feeling kitchen, try combining your muted and tonal colours with elements like wood or stone. 


An anticipated trend for the coming years is muted and earthy colours that are relaxing and reassuring. A nice contrast to the rapid and stressful nature that modern life can sometimes have.

Kitchen Seats

As we’ve said earlier, the kitchen is becoming the new social space. With that in mind, let’s look at some seating arrangements to help accommodate this. 


For your more casual settings, a banquette is a great addition to the kitchen. This allows for a comfy place to relax and socialise. You can also add bespoke tables that come with benches to slide under and chairs, or an island with bar stools. Try adding velvet or upholstered seating to your kitchen island to add a hint of luxury, or match the material of your other seating areas for a more comprehensive aesthetic.

Boiling Water Tap

A new innovation is the boiling water tap. This has the potential to completely change how we use our kitchens, in terms of preparing food, cooking, and hosting guests.  


Boiling water taps are an energy efficient and safer alternative to using a kettle or boiling water in a pan. When we think about our boiling water sources, a tap is fixed and dispenses quite small amounts of boiling water. A kettle has the potential to fall off a work surface or have its plug accidentally pulled out. When full, it can also be heavy. With a tap, you have none of these problems. 


These taps are also available in a diverse range of designs to fit your kitchen. Not only that, but they also dispense regular hot and cold drinking water. 

In terms of energy consumption, the average kettle uses around 1000W to boil, whereas many boiling water taps only require 10W to keep them at boiling point. You’re also only going to be dispensing the exact amount that you need, opposed to doing a guesstimated fill of the kettle.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

A useful thing to think about is the technology in your kitchen. Starting off with the lights, you can opt for smart lighting which is a great alternative to reduce energy consumption. These days, smart lights can be controlled through wi-fi, from anywhere in the house. Their LED bulbs are long lasting and many smart lighting systems have motion detection, so they can switch off when no one’s in the room. 


You can also install pop-up sockets in your kitchen that come with USB ports, so you can charge more of your devices.  


More appliances on the market today are being equipped with features that help keep food fresher for longer, simultaneously making the cooking process easier. There are now available ovens that can inject moisture and have a precise temperature help setting for producing professional cooking results. 


You can also install systems in your kitchen that monitor and clean the air in the room. Moreover, other available systems keep an eye over your temperature and humidity levels and also contain leak detectors. This all keeps the kitchen a safe place to be in.

Drink Storage

What would a kitchen be without its wine storage? 


Now more than ever, dedicating a place for your drinks is becoming more viable at a lower budget and without interfering with your cabinet space. With wine racks that can be freestanding or mounted on the wall, and coolers that are becoming more affordable, you have plenty of options for your wine and drink storage.


Considering having a pantry in your kitchen? Read on. Whilst it’s imperative that your kitchen’s exterior is designed well, we can’t dismiss the practicality and style of the interior. Pantries can come in many different looks and sizes. You can kit it with drawers, shelves, in-built lights for all your appliances to be put away in.  


With a modern kitchen, you can use open storage for some sections and display some showy pieces or items that are used the most to be easily accessed. So, if you have a full height larder unit, you can combine this with feature shelving and have a balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Kitchen Hygiene

Since the pandemic hit, hygiene has become more ingrained into the forefront of our minds. People are looking for materials that can be cleaned easily, as well as ways to reduce the touch points in the kitchen. Handleless kitchens are even becoming more sought after because with all the smooth surfaces, they’re easier to clean. 


Even with this focus on hygiene and practicality, however, you don’t have to trade away style. You can get antibacterial worktop solutions that mirror the appearance and feel of real stone, wood or marble, whilst remaining cost-effective and compatible for many kitchens.


Kitchen surface brands are incorporating technologies into worktops that prioritise hygiene more and more, creating a safer kitchen to cook in. Right now, there are work surface options that can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in 24 hours. They use a high-pressure laminate that has resins incorporated into it during production. The resins ensure that the surface has a lifetime of antibacterial protection because they are free from any nano-particles, so there’s no harm to people or the environment.

Small Kitchen

Got a small kitchen? We have some tips for opening up space in your kitchen without doing too much construction work. 


First let’s consider some storage systems. This is a way to maximise space without having a detriment on the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. For example, you could install a butler’s pantry that has a more nostalgic feel but now available with a more contemporary look. You can also go for a breakfast cupboard that’s hidden behind pocket doors to store all your appliances in and keep the kitchen tidy. 


Next, let’s look at ways to better store your kitchen items before all the drawers get stuffed with things. We recommend stacking pans upright and lids horizontally – along a rack preferably, as their handles make them difficult to stack. When it comes to recycling and rubbish, you can compartmentalise this process. You sort different types of waste in distinct containers of varying shapes and sizes. This way you save time sorting everything. 


Make use of that vertical kitchen space with some risers. These are elevated trays that you can store items on and under, essentially doubling your shelf capacity. 


Got space on the side of your fridge? Why not put a storage shelf there. This can be a magnetic shelf, which you can remove whenever you wish (if you’re renting this may be a good idea).  


Speaking of magnets, you might also find a magnetic knife bar useful. This allows you to hand knives up on the wall with ease. This is a chance for you to make use of the vertical space in your kitchen and free up drawer or worktop space. 


The doors on your cabinets are another piece of furniture to make use of. You can hang a rack on them and store chopping boards or lids, for example. 


Have any fruit baskets on your worktop? Why not have them hang from somewhere? You can also get multi-tiered hanging baskets for fruit to really make use of the vertical space. 


Another way to create space is to make use of a portable trolley. You can store away the bigger, more difficult items. You can also use it for when you’re setting the table. All the cutlery and glasses can be wheeled over in one trip.