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Kitchen 24 operates in and around Dundee, Scotland. We offer a wide range of Kitchen design options, so you can work with us to build your ideal kitchen, in your favourite style.

01 / Our Story

Kitchen 24

Here at Kitchen 24, we have certain values we like to uphold. All the Teams work with these values, which ensure you get a professionally designed and fitted kitchen that fits your requirements and aesthetics in Dundee.

Our Values are;




Throughout the whole process, we will act professionally. This ensures you will have a great experience working with us. Along with insurance of a professionally managed and fitted installation, consultation and survey.  Our team’s professionalism reflects their professional workmanship. 


Client Comes First


We enjoy working with all clients on all sorts of kitchen design projects, no matter the size of the project. We firmly believe that the Client comes first, as it is after all your home and kitchen we are working on. We will listen to your requirements and likes and dislikes for your kitchen and will do our best to create a functional kitchen with your ideas at the heart of the design.



While we offer kitchen design services and will work to create your dream kitchen a reality, we also keep in mind the functionality of the kitchen. Your kitchen needs to work for you and to work for being a kitchen, space where you can store cooking equipment and food, and also have space for appliances and to cook. We will keep the kitchen design so it is functional as a  kitchen, with all the appliances you would like, and space to store them. 




All the teams have a passion for professionally designed kitchens. We love working with clients and building up a kitchen that they will enjoy for years to come.

02 / Our Process

Kitchen Design Tailored to you in Dundee

We enjoy working on all manner of kitchen design projects in Dundee. It doesn’t matter if it is a new kitchen from scratch, a full remodel or just an updating of cabinets, we love the work. 

During the Consultation and Survey stages of the process, we will listen to your thoughts and ideas for your kitchen. From this, we will build up a few ideas of what your kitchen could look like. From these, we will work with you to modify them until we get a kitchen design both the client and the team are happy with. 


If you aren’t sure of what kitchen style you are after, or what layout would work best, then don’t worry. The Kitchen 24 team are happy to explain the different styles and off suggestions as to what will work best for the size, space and requirements for the kitchen.


Kitchen Styles

Kitchen design and style varies a lot, as you can personalize almost every element of a kitchen now. However, you can sort all kitchens into one of three overarching styles. These three styles are Modern, Shaker, and Traditional. Below is a brief description of each style, for more information on these styles, check our Kitchen Styles and Inspiration pages.





Modern kitchens are sleek and clean, often very bright, using mainly white or light neutral colours, or dark, using blacks and greys, they can often include a contrast as well. Modern kitchens have paired back the kitchen so much as most have the push to open doors and drawers or very sleek hidden handles. Some even have counters hidden behind cabinet doors, to hide appliances such as toasters or kettles. Modern Kitchens are all about looking effortlessly clean and organised, and fit well in homes that value clean open spaces with a minimalist aesthetic.


Shaker kitchens are a halfway point between traditional and modern. They still have panel and frame doors, which is the trademark look for a shaker kitchen. These still have some detail, but much less than traditional styles. Shaker kitchens are increasing in popularity as open shelving fits perfectly in the style, and you can personalise these kitchens a lot. These kitchens allow for clutter and appliances on counters, which doesn’t look out of place like they would in a modern kitchen. Shaker kitchens are cosy, homely spaces that work best in country cottages or coastal homes, but really they work in any kitchen space very well.


Traditional Kitchens are elegant and sophisticated, generally with intricate and detailed wooden doors and cabinets, some even with glass panelling. These kitchens generally have the wood on show, treated with wood stain or paint, to enhance the natural textures and colours of the wood, and allowing the intricate details to shine. Natural stone worktops are a standard in these kitchens too. Traditional kitchens are luxurious and elegant, definitely a feature. They fit well in most kitchen spaces, but if you want an elegant, sophisticated kitchen, or enjoy hosting dinner parties then this could be the right choice for you.

These three main styles aren’t set in stone, rather an initial idea that you can build from however you like. There are so many style sub-categories, such as Industrial style, which would work with modern or shaker, it just depends on the styles, accessories like taps, shelving, and lighting and colours you choose. Most companies, especially larger ones, will have their own ranges and designs for each of these styles of kitchen.

View Our Styles and Inspiration Pages to get Idea for your Kitchen

If you aren’t sure what kitchen styles are available, or are in need of inspiration you can check out our Kitchen Styles page and our Inspiration page to get some ideas. These will explain the three main style brackets, and just what you can do with and the kind of environment they best fit. 

Our inspiration page will provide ideas and inspiration of interesting, space saving and unique  ideas. These are used in all kinds of kitchens, from modern to traditional so you can get an idea of how much you can personalize or adapt styles to fit your kitchen, and help bring your stamp on your kitchen.

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