2015 — News | Discount Kitchens in London, UK

December 17, 2015

Dear Customers, Our office will be closed during Christmas and New Year Period: 25th,26th,31st December and 1st January. We will resume operations on other days.

December 15, 2015

Kitchen is a heart of home it tends to be the family and friends gathering place, the place for coffee and long conversations. The kitchen is the place where we start our day and it is the last light out before we go to bed each night. Thant is way every hostess puts all her efforts in order to create comfortable and warm atmosphere in the kitchen and with Junona Line furniture you will achieve this goal. If you have small kitchen, there are no reasons to upset as Junona Line created specially for owners of small kitchen. It has many cabinets where you could keep all your stuff. Such unusual combination of colors makes furniture looks very fresh and fashionable. With our furniture you will create very cozy and stylish kitchen.

November 24, 2015

FAMILY LINE is a modern style kitchen. The main advantage of this furniture is that it is combined comfort and functionality. Each furniture item from this collection is a real work of art. Furniture from this collection is not only high quality but also excellent value for money. All the hostesses will be happy to have such kitchen. All furniture should be selected with one goal - maximum benefit. In addition, it should not be much. After all, the basis of modern style is minimalist - as little as possible spare parts form simple and clear.

November 9, 2015

KITCHEN NIKA Portal is very practical and beautiful collection of high class value at cost effective price. Each item of this collection is very unique and made from high quality materials. The facades are made of MDF and are available in two color versions: Antique Cherry or Korean Cherry Patina. The body is produced from chipboard and represented in Dark Apple color. I trust this furniture can be helpful inspiration for you. The variety of elements will help to equip kitchen of any size and create the interior of your dream. Such kitchen answers all the needs and wants of today’s hostesses

November 3, 2015

ELIZA BOGFRAN kitchen set 220 is a functional furniture for arranging a stylish and modern kitchen. This furniture is represented in two color combinations light rijeka / wenge and wenge / light rijeka. This kitchen is a high quality kitchen and good value for money. All the hostesses will be happy to have such kitchen as it consists of all necessary standard elements, of which you can pick up very beautiful and cozy kitchen. This set includes upper cabinets which are installed in three dimensions and lower cabinets. Also set has adjustable hinges with the diameter of 35 mm in three dimensions. With the help of this kitchen you will create cozy and convenient kitchen which will satisfy all the wants and needs of hostesses.

October 1, 2015

Sink is an essential element of the kitchen interior both in terms of ease of use, and as an element of decor. We offer to pay attention for Sink FRANKE DARIA DSN 711 T made of stainless steel.


Sink FRANKE DARIA DSN 711 T is a modern, cost effective and most practical solution for sink cabinet JUNONA LINE or NIKA kitchen.

Addition, you can buy Single Lever Tap FRANKE BATERIA VELA for sink.


September 7, 2015

For every company, which supplies people with different goods, is important to know that everything what it does bring joy and satisfaction to its customers. That is why our company tries to get in touch with all our customers to find out their opinion regarding our furniture. Today, we have lucky day as one of our customer who bought, sent us photo of assembled kitchen. We are so thrilled that our kitchen suited all the needs and wants of our buyer that is why we decided to share with you this good news and photo. Junona Line Kitchen is very practical and functional Polish furniture with the help of which you will create comfortable and modern design for your kitchen. This line is represented in sonoma oak or incanto colors for worktop, front of the wall unit is available in sonoma oak, white gloss or larch sibiu light colors and front of the base unit – wenge (inset sonoma oak), sonoma oak (inset wenge), larch sibiu light (inset pine larico) or grey tungsten (inset white gloss). Such diversity of the colors gives the opportunity to create kitchen which will suit every taste.

July 9, 2015

Complete Kitchen Set NIKA STANDARD width 260 cm from NIKA Kitchens collection consists of 8 most typical wall and base units. It includes 3 pieces of worktop (80 x 60 cm, 60 x 60 cm and 40 x 60 cm) 28 mm thick in colour Pietra Beige, fittings, handles and assembly instructions.

NIKA Standard 260 Complete Kitchen Set

Kitchen Set NIKA STANDARD available in 6 colours:

NIKA Standard 260 Complete Kitchen Set Classic Honey Alder NIKA Standard 260 Complete Kitchen Set Ekran Maple Nida NIKA Standard 260 Complete Kitchen Set Ekran Golden Cherry NIKA Standard 260 Complete Kitchen Set Portal Antique Cherry NIKA Standard 260 Complete Kitchen Set Ramka Antique Pine NIKA Standard 260 Complete Kitchen Set Ramka Dark Apple

Each Kitchen Set STANDARD 260 can be expanded with additional cabinets from NIKA collection.

July 8, 2015

NIKA Kitchen MELOS is very popular modular kitchen furniture with SOLID WOOD fronts in colour Birch Orange. Wooden facades combined with the refined accessories are creating an expensive and noble appearance. We offer complete kitchen set FANTAZJA width 260 cm, which includes worktops thick 28 mm in colour Pietra Beige, fittings, handles and assembly instructions.

NIKA Fantazja 260 Complete Kitchen Set Melos Birch Orange

June 15, 2015

Meet NIKA, our brand new kitchen range that has endless possibilities! Whether you’re a budding chef or just trying some recipes out, we can help you create the ideal kitchen for you. NIKA BRW Kitchen is very popular modular kitchen furniture. The undoubted advantage of this collection is a wide range of different front types and colors. Variety base and top cabinets allows easy to pick up a complete kitchen of any size. Also you can buy ready-made kitchen units consisting of the most typical modules. Each set includes worktop in Pietra Beige colour, fittings, handles and assembly instructions.